Section Policies

Original Research Articles

Works resulting from scientific research featuring original research data based on empirical or theoretical data, using scientific methodology

Essays & Insights

This section is intended for publication of texts that address a specific focus on a thematic and, although not extensive, nor have the depth of an research article located this theme regarding the study area.

Also will be accepted review articles describing a literature review, and papers known as “state of the art”.

Books Review

The works reviewed should be authored by authors affiliated to the Austrian School of Economics or, if not, they should be analyzed in the light of Austrian thougnt. Book reviews will be accepted whose edition has been published no more than five years before the date of sending the text.


In this section will be published translations of the classical literature of the Austrian School of Economics, not yet translated to Portuguese. (In January 2020, was discontinued)

Thesis Abstracts

Abstracts of master's theses and doctoral theses with up to 600 words. Should bring information about the graduate program, advisor and date of defense.