Call for papers: Thematic Issue (2020)

Call for papers 2020: Thematic issue

Philosophy: Ethics, Politics and Epistemology

Call for submission: August 15, 2020

Guest Editor:

Prof. Dr. Dennys Garcia Xavier, PhD, Universidade Federal de Uberlândia (UFU) / Instituto Mises Brasil

The Mises Journal ( e-ISSN 2594-9187) is an international forum that has the purpose of discussing the ideas of the Austrian School of Economics scholars and other related themes. We provide an interdisciplinary solution to researches interested in the Austrian Libertarian views on Law, Economics and Philosophy.

For this special issue, we invite high-quality articles on several aspects and usages of the Austrian School, its associated disciplines and schools of thought, on elements of the philosophical speculation anchored to liberal/libertarian aspects of ethics, politics, and epistemology.

Articles in English, Portuguese, and Spanish will be accepted. For submissions in other languages, seek directly the Guest Editor (


Some of the topics of interest are:

* Philosophical fundaments of liberalism/libertarianism/conservatism;

* Reflections on government/state intervention;

* Philosophical grounds of Praxeology;

* The political dimension of the liberal/libertarian/conservative philosophical reflection;

* Ethics/morality and freedom;

* The scientific/epistemological grounds of liberalism/libertarianism/conservatism.


The thematic issue will be published in the first edition of Volume 9, 2021, and the following are important dates:

- Enrollment deadline: August 15;

- Editors assessment and first feedback to authors: until August 23;

- Proofreaders’ annotation to authors: until October 05;

- Authors’ amendments to proofreaders’ annotation: until November 05;

- Release: January 1st.


Special Issue Submission

The special issue will publish articles about the Austrian-Libertarian approach on Philosophy, with special emphasis on aspects related to politics, ethics, and epistemology. Papers that have been presented in conferences, but still unpublished in magazines, are also welcome.

We will adopt the normal requirements for articles published by Mises Journal; their directives are in our website (here). All submissions will follow the regular process of blind peer review. The papers must be relevant to an international, multidisciplinary audience.

If you choose to send an article for this issue, select “Special Issue 2020” in the submission system. 

Regular Submission

If your paper does not fulfill the requirements for this issue, we suggest you submit it as a regular article to Mises Journal. We receive submissions regularly, and our editorial process is supported by a group of over 50 professors worldwide.

Executive Editor: Prof. Adriano Paraniba, IFG, Brasil

Guest Editor for the Special Issue: Prof. Dennys Garcia Xavier, PhD – Universidade Federal de Uberlândia (UFU) / Instituto Mises Brasil (IMB).

If you have any questions, please contact the special issue assistant editor, Fernando Monteiro D'Andrea at